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Eco Pets

If you’ve been reading our latest articles, you may have met the latest edition to our family: Taavi, who we’ve been trying our hardest to make into a zero waste dog. We love and adore our little (although not so little anymore!) ball of fluff but we’ll be the first to admit that sustainable pet parenting comes with a lot of learning curves. If you’re just starting to navigate them, it’s okay. We’re here to (hopefully) help, no matter what is your problem. Even if you don’t know how to stop dog barking at night, we got you. We will help you!

Even if you aren’t quite on the zero waste dog track yet, there are plenty of other ways to make your pet more sustainable without totally going zero waste.


Have you heard about the latest all-natural remedy to help your dog with anxiety, chronic pain and other health issues? CBD dog treats and other edibles can be a good alternative as long as you find high-quality products. You will find those high-quality products at Observer website.

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